Freshman Camp 2018

Written by Briany Garcia, Ashley Garcia, Yoselin Franco, Celeste Rojas, and Zoe Villafan

Seniors and juniors mentor upcoming freshman thru the 2018 NAF Freshman camp

The 2018 Freshman camp took place from June 11th to June 13th at 6205 from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. The summer camp took as much preparation as the 3 days itself. From speakers’ presentations to activities and snacks.

The student leaders put forth effort to get everything done correctly and have a fun experience in the meantime. AOF board members created a three-day schedule for the 2018 freshman camp to organize and prepare to influence these incoming freshman’s perspective of the high school. The leaders did this composition in order for the younger students to get a chance to acquaint to the guidelines and to the drastic middle school to high school change. Furthermore, the goal of all of this planning is for the undergraduates to learn valuable life lessons and make memories.

On the first day of the camp, the student broke the ice with two truths and one lie game followed by a scavenger hunt game to introduce important parts of the school. Later, the 2017-2018 AOF president gave a powerpoint about her internship at KPMG. Afterward, a Big Brothers Big Sister representative came and spoke to the kids about important lessons. To finish of the day, students attempted a rigorous game of Monopoly including accounting in it.

Day 2 of freshman camp consisted of a balloon tower, a presentation from men’s warehouse and PB&J sandwiches.

On the third and last day of camp, incoming juniors, Jonnathan Gonzalez and Christian Seggurola led the “AOF Olympics”, Student leaders gave their own personal high school experience and a movie and pizza were played. The first activity we did in freshman camp was the scavenger hunt. This helped the freshman figure out where almost everything was around the school so that they wouldn’t get lost on their first day of high school. It also gave them an idea of how Coral Gables High worlds. On that same day, a speaker gave a presentation on behalf of the Big Brother Big Sister Program. She showed a video showing the turtle and the hare. This specifically showed that you will have a better future with patience and perseverance. The program itself helps kids shadow their assigned big based on interviews and it helps them understand the real world a little more. Also, the students were introduced to a few accounting concepts through an interactive game of monopoly. They were given a general ledger sheet in order to put the concepts they had just learned into practice. Although many were confused at first, through guidance given from the student leaders along with the practice of inputting their transactions as the game moved further along they were able to get a hang of it and familiarize themselves a bit more with basic accounting concepts.

On day two, the students engaged in a competitive activity which required them to work as a group and involve critical problem solving skills in order to build a balloon tower that met requirements given by Ms.K. On day two, we had Men’s Wearhouse representatives come in and talk to the incoming students about how to properly dress for success, how it is so easy to find a formal outfit and what type of accessories are formal and which ones are not. Later on, they asked questions to see if they knew more about dressing up. All of them were sure about what was formal or business casual. Afterward, the leaders guided them to Ms. De Paola’s class to have the PB&J challenge. Students were placed in two groups and Interact started to talk about the clubs and school. They talked about how it’s good to join two or more clubs because of your hours. They showed where you could email your teachers and look for any assignments they give you.

When we were done with the sandwiches they got to enjoy a snack. “Everyone's a winner”, said our wonderful Interact sponsor Ms. D. The last day of the freshman camp was one of the most fun days at the camp for the students. We had the AOF Olympics which were led by Christian Segurola and Jonnathan Gonzalez. Incoming freshman and student leaders played basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Everyone had a great time playing and bonding with some of their future classmates for the upcoming school year. To top it all off, everyone had pizza, gathered advice from the student leaders and watched a movie. The freshman camp will always be one to remember.