KPMG: Job Shadow

Written by Paloma Pinto

Around thirty accounting students, accompanied by their accounting teacher Mr. Reisert visit the KPMG Office

Juniors in the Academy of Finance paid a visit to the KPMG office in Brickell this Friday. Around thirty accounting students, accompanied by their accounting teacher Mr. Reisert and the academy lead teacher Ms. Lopez, were given the opportunity of a job shadowing field trip to one of the top four accounting firms in the world. KPMG is a global network of independent member firms offering audit, tax and advisory services. Students were able to learn specific details about the three different pathways at KPMG and even meet employees that work in each of them. Employees at the office handed out papers and pens so that the students could take notes and learn as much as possible about KPMG, accounting, and other related subjects. At the end of the presentation, students used their KPMG knowledge and presentation details in a fun Jeopardy game, hence the notetaking.

The juniors were also given the option of an interview. In preparation for their summer internships for the academy, the students are starting to think where they will be working for 150 hours of their summers. Every year, KPMG offers one to two student intern positions in a very competitive selection. “This field trip was also an opportunity for those who wanted an internship with KPMG during the summer. There were a total of nine to ten people who were interviewed,” explained the junior Lianet Ariz.

Students went home after the field trip with increased accounting knowledge and exciting new KPMG details. Junior Richard Smithies commented, “I learned that KPMG has three different branches: auditing, advisory, and tax. Also, one thing that really impressed me about KPMG was the people and how they treated you like adults. They were all very nice.”

Another junior, Adrian Padilla, added, “I would definitely intern at KPMG because it is a great learning position to be at, especially at this young age. To learn from an accounting firm that is one of the top four worldwide would be an amazing experience. It’s a really good environment.”

Thank you KPMG for welcoming our juniors and teaching them a little about what you do!