Mad City Money 2019

Written by Paloma Pinto

Mad City Money is hosted at Coral Gables Gym by High School Seniors

Mad City Money is a famous activity that gives students, usually freshmen, a taste of the real world. At Coral Gables Senior High School, the Academy of Finance board worked together with Ms. Lopez and the South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union (SFEFCU) to provide the freshmen in the academy with a fun learning experience. The activity involved real life features such as occupations, salaries, spouses, children, mortgage/rent, electricity bills, water/sewer payments, phone/cable payments, student loan debts, credit card debts, and even medical insurance payments. The students were able to use the money given to them, no matter how much, to try and act out real life scenarios. Some students were fortunately given a lot of money to start off, while others could even start in great debt. Many made mistakes and suffered the consequences of their decisions, allowing them to learn how to better manage money in realistic situations.

Students were precisely taught how to journalize their transactions on paper and how to handle money as much as possible. To make the activity even better, some students were fortunate or unfortunate enough to receive “Life Happens” cards, which either randomly granted them money, or made them lose more than they already had lost. “Life Happens” cards were extremely fun. The students were visibly nervous and anxious to find out whether their financial situations were going to improve or worsen, just as adults are on their daily lives. With the amazing help and equipments from the SFEFCU, Mad City Money 2019 at Coral Gables Senior High was a great success and learning experience.