Resume Workshop 2018

Written by Paloma Pinto

The Academy of Finance at Coral Gables Senior High School made a visit to the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce

As the summer of their internship approaches, juniors in the Academy of Finance attended a resume workshop during their fourth and sixth periods at Coral Gables Senior High. With the participation and guidance of KPMG employees and managers, the students were allowed to work on their resumes as well as edit, add, or remove any information necessary. The professionals enlightened students with various information through the use of a PowerPoint presentation and many useful tips. KPMG employees answered questions and gave the students many great suggestions. The juniors were given the opportunity to dive into their resumes and make them as professional and objective as possible, since their summer internships are approaching. For the students to have their resumes with them, Ms. Lopez reminded the juniors to either bring their laptops, save their resumes on a flashdrive, or have them printed out by Friday. The juniors were reminded through Edmodo and the Remind App.

There are many steps until their internships, and completing a resume is one of the first and most important steps in this long process. Companies will look at the students’ resumes and decide whether or not that student is worth hiring. This workshop was a great learning opportunity. For that reason, students must be extremely prepared and equipped with their strong, professional resumes. This and more opportunities will allow the juniors to become better prepared for their future in the business world.

With their revised and improved resumes, students look forward to their internship and future job shadowing opportunities